Genesis | NY Fashion Week

October 9, 2023


For New York Fashion Week, we collaborated with the INNOCEAN Agency for their latest campaign, "World of Luxe” for Genesis. The concept seamlessly blends fashion and Genesis cars in an urban setting, creating a visual parallel between the sophisticated allure of Genesis cars and the high-fashion ambiance of NYFW.

Our goal for this project was to ensure that all content was prepared for Genesis' social media platforms in time for Fashion Week. This endeavor came with a challenging one-week timeline. However, thanks to the exceptional teamwork of both Porch House and INNOCEAN, we not only met the deadline but exceeded expectations, delivering a final product we're proud of.


For this shoot we had photographer, Mike Cilantro, craft 12 stills to feature the high end look of Genesis’ new line. Cilantro utilized tones that accentuated the colors of the cars complimenting the clothes, to show how the car is the most coveted accessory. Moreover, the shots meticulously highlighted the intricacies of the cars, from their meticulously designed interiors to the stylish key, effectively conveying Genesis' message that "luxe is in the details." The overall ambiance of the shoot exuded an urban chic vibe, perfectly aligning with the Genesis brand.

The editor for the social asset, Gabe Guarano, put together an eye-catching, stop-motion style video in time for fashion week. It shows the Genesis’ sleekness in action and how the car’s features match with the fashionable urbanite.


We had a tight timeline of one week for this shoot to get the content on Genesis’ socials in time for NYFW, but we were able to handle everything from castings to wardrobe efficiently and successfully. For the location we wanted to emulate the feel of New York City’s streets, so we rented out a portion of the backlot at Disney Ranch to emulate the iconic city feel. We shot for one day with our hard working crew, capturing both stills and video content for the campaign. 

The final edit of the video and the stills were used on Genesis’ social channels during NYFW as an addition to their campaign “World of Luxe”. This was a fun challenge with a quick turn-around, and we had a great time pulling it off and collaborating with awesome agency & client partners. 

-The Porch House Team