Making Of: 2023 Honda Type R

October 18, 2023


We were incredibly excited & honored to be involved in the launch campaign for the all new 2023 Honda Type R.

Honda's AOR, RPA crafted an awesome concept that was brought to life by director Andrew Schneider. Shot on location at Willow Springs Raceway with DoP Paul Theodoroff, it was a stellar day at the track.

The concept was formulated based on those ‘bullet-time’ moments we know well from movies like the Matrix. We utilized this technique, to give the viewer a moment to pause and check out the flowing design of the car while it’s in motion.

Employing a little bit of creative and realistic liberties, we crafted a few specific moments where the car would ‘freeze’ in time. Working with our VFX friends at Scissor Films, we executed on the creative and delivered a piece we’re super proud of.


This project was executed with producer Lauren Andrade at the helm. The shooting took place in one day at Willow Springs Raceway.

The creative and VFX ask was quite a heavy lift for a one day shoot, and thus had to be properly scheduled with a ton of attention to detail. We’re incredibly grateful for our talented first AD Jeremy Robinson who supported our ambitious schedule.

Thorough storyboards were generated to help carry us through the process and keep us on track.


Below are some detailed storyboards to showcase how the project was concepted shot by shot.

Honda 1rev (2).jpeg

Behind the Scenes

ph 1.jpg

VFX Breakdown

There was a heavy influence on VFX throughout these spots, which we'll elaborate on below. As always, thanks to our friends at Scissor Films for their support in post production.

A short edit to showcase the complexities of the VFX used is below. Enjoy!


A select few shots from photographers Andrew Schneider & Joshua Cote.