Making Of: 2023 Kia EV6

March 26, 2024


INNOCEAN always comes through with great creative. The team approached Porch House with a simple concept. Let’s grab two EV6’s and mimic basketball maneuvers on an oversized court. We were immediately drawn to the idea, and hit the ground running.

With director Andrew Schneider at the helm, we boarded out the concept from start to finish. We also had two of the best drivers at our disposal, Rhys Millen and Samuel Hubinette. The dream team came together to make something awesome and we’ve outlined a bit of our process below.


This project took place at the ‘Kia Proving Grounds’. A wide open space of tarmac allowed the team to properly plan the stunts and maneuvers ahead of time.  

Our stunt coordinator TJ White, really stepped up to the plate to ensure everyone’s safety. When cars are spinning in unison, and drifting close to one another, it’s imperative to have a talented stunt coordinator.  Once that was set into place, we decided on 5 key basketball moves we would replicate with the vehicles.

The most complex of the moves was the ‘pick and roll’ which is featured just below cinematography. It required the two drivers to pull drifts in close proximity of one another. Time and time again they nailed the move, which made it easy to capture it from a multitude of angles.

Along with the planning, we had the vehicles wrapped in NBA ‘West’ and ‘East’ coloring, and equipped both cars with handbrakes so that we could be precise with our stunts.


Paul Theodoroff lead the camera department, with Override films on aerial. It’s truly one of our favorite combinations, and there is a beautiful short hand that’s been established between the crew from our past projects together.

We shot on the Sony Venice II with Fujinon Premista zoom lenses.  We made sure to capture high frame rate footage for that ‘replay’ effect so commonly found in NBA highlight reels. The goal here was to really live in the moment and experience the shot.

Stunt Drivers

Our awesome drivers need no introduction. They’ve been involved at the highest level for years, and really understand how to take direction and nail the moves. We were over the moon to have such incredible talent on this one and hope to work with them again soon. See some out takes from their scenes below.

Edit / Post Production

This was edited by one of our favorites, Nate Cali at The Den. We were able to film and turn this final product around within 7 days, so that we could go live on the first night of Game 1.

We were tasked with cut downs for TikTok as well which can be viewed on Kia’s Socials.


Director Spotlight

Q: What does this shoot mean to you?

ANDREW: I’m a huge fan of the NBA, and the creative team really brought forth something awesome. I’ve also always been a fan of the drivers we were able to use, so working with them meant we were in good hands. I wanted to do the moves justice, so that fans of the NBA could really relate to the footage and image the cars as the players on the court.

Q: What creative influences did you pull into this shoot?

ANDREW: The creative influences were pulled from the well-known Gymkhana films as well as the original Top Gear. There’s something about the wonderful energy in the Top Gear show that I wanted to bring to this shoot. The camaraderie and the playfulness between the talent. It was something that was originally thought of in the creative, but was actually removed from the final edit. Perhaps we’ll include it in the DC :).

Q: What was your main goal on set?

ANDREW: In all honesty, my main priority on set was safety. I wanted to be sure that the moves were executed with precision, so planning everything out ahead of time was really top priority. I also wanted to ensure accuracy of the maneuvers. All in all I’d say we achieved the goals!

Behind the Scenes