Making Of: 2021 Kia Sorento

January 16, 2024


We worked closely alongside INNOCEAN Worldwide to create an extensive plan to showcase all three trim levels of the all-new 2021 Kia Sorento throughout this integrated campaign. This project offered its fair share of challenges, as California was under extreme weather danger due to wildfires. These wildfires seemed to be around every turn, even forcing us to cancel permits and pull a few rabbits out of hats for last minute approvals / permits.

But with @Tyler Seguila, our Head of Production, on the job, we had no fear! A few pivots here and there, and we ended up locking down one of our favorite sections of PCH. Thankful for our first responders and firefighters doing their hardest to quell the flames, it allowed us to move along safely and smoothly and get the job done.

Part of our pivot also included heading to Joshua Tree for that ‘off the beaten path’ look. Sourcing various props including camping materials and surfboards, we were able to craft small scenes & vignettes that fit each trim levels distinct personality. Our in house camera car came in handy when filming the ‘X-Line’ on the rugged dirt terrain. Its versatility allows for smooth on and off road transitions, which comes in clutch when you’re racing against the daylight trying to get each model in a different environment.

Fully integrated campaigns always excite us because it allows us to develop so much content & material for the client / agency. We created almost 6 months worth of films and photography to be used on paid / unpaid media for the launch of the Sorento. Today’s crews must be able to shoot for various formats, provide attention to specific framing for different platforms, and allow photographers the the time they needed to do their job. It’s a delicate balance and we look forward to sharing more about our story with you below.


This was our first crew travel experience since COVID-19, and we took extra pre-cautions to make sure we stayed as safe as possible. Each crew member was given their own room and a sanitation kit. This goodie bag was filled with all sorts of cleaning materials, should one want / need to disinfect their hotel room.

We are proud to say, all remained healthy and the travel was a success. We are always further understand the coordination and level of preparation needed to travel a crew of 25+ in the face of a global pandemic.

Edit / Post Production

Porch House handled all editing services and delivery of all 45+ video assets and 30 still assets in house. We were tasked with exporting for many different platforms - including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Thus - our deliverables spanned from between 4x4, 4x5, 16x9 & 9x16 (IG Stories).

Furthermore the edits varied in length, as each platform / paid usage channel has it’s own parameters. One of our favorite editors, Nate Cali, is well versed in the paid advertisement space - so he made this process incredibly seamless for the client. Being able to comprehend where these assets will live (mainly because you’re the target audience) makes it significantly faster to approve an edit.


Our Director - Andrew Schneider - has worked with Aaron Brimhall in the past and he’s the fastest man in the West. He’s an incredibly talented, lovely human being who’s a joy to shoot with. He covers the distance, even when video needs extra time. Having a photographer that adds no stress to an already tight schedule, is the person you want on your side … and Aaron fit in perfectly on this project. Check out his finalized images below.


Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to read about our shoot with the 2021 Sorento. Working alongside the professional team at INNOCEAN and collaborating with a manufacturer like Kia is a pleasure. We work to develop a sense of trust with our clients, knowing no matter what challenges arise, the job will get done.